Getting your ideas organized in advance speeds up the whole process.

Step 1 Select your garment 

There are several styles to choose from. Select between men’s and women’s styles with long or short sleeves, as well as hoodies and sunhoods. 

Step 2 Create your custom design

Your design is yours and yours alone. List the colours and patterns that appeal to you as well as styles that inspire you. These details get the creative process started! For inspiration you can visit the Gallery of custom designs or start with one of the Stock Backgrounds.

Step 3 Prepare a prioritized list of sponsors

Provide a prioritized list of all the sponsors that you want on your jersey. Make sure you have your sponsors’ permission for logo use.

Ordering is simple.

Step 4 Start the order process

Go to the Store and complete the form. Here you’ll add all the details you’ve prepared in advance – garment type, customization, and list of sponsors. Once you’ve finished adding details, pay with a major credit card through PayPal or your PayPal balance. (No PayPal account is needed to purchase)

Sometimes a bit more detail is needed.

Step 5 Layout your sponsor logos

For some, you might want to provide a specific layout for your sponsor logos. If this is needed, go to the Jersey Logo Form and place your sponsor logos on the jersey. Of course, the most important sponsors will get the most prominent placement. Keep your sponsors’ guidelines for logo use in mind.

Congratulations! You’re done!

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