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AIM Can-Am Day One Pre-fish Report

Here is a day one pre-fish video update from the Can-Am.

May 26th, 2012 by sheldon

Quinte Walleye Open


Hit the water for the weekend with good friend and Woodoo Custom business partner Ben Woo along with our guest – Chis Hockley who happens to be the Canadian Marketing Manager for Pure Fishing. We got to test out and try a bunch of new baits coming out in 2012 – a few highlights are the Berkley Flicker Rigs, Berkley Gulp! Hollow Killer Crawlers and the 9cm Flicker Shads in some exciting new colours.
We targeted weed line walleye and managed to site fish some absolute tanks crushing in and along the weeds.

Next up is the AIM Can-Am tourney in Brimley MI. I am packing up now and have lots to pack as I have no idea what those finicky Brimley walleye will want!
I will blog daily reports and updates, along with some video reports.


May 22nd, 2012 by sheldon

When Opportunity Knocks!

This year was the first walleye opener in years that I was not booked for guided trips and I took advantage to get out one day with my son. We where working large shallow flats for walleye when we stumbled across a great pike bite with 3 and 4 planner boards going back all at the same time.  As this opportunity knocked, my son and a I worked the huge flat landing Pike after Pike.  I am not one to leave fish to find other fish, so we settled in and fished the area until our arms burned from fatigue. To make it one of those special days,  my son has asked me the past two seasons to take him out pike fishing and this was defiantly the pike day he was looking for.

Small Flicker Shads and Sébile shallow running Koolie Minnows trolled just bellow the surface was the trick as the large pike just could not resist the high running baits. After an afternoon of fish after fish we both tossed in the towel as we had no energy left to land another gator. We packed up and made the run in while listening to ipod tunes.

It is always great to get out and fish, and this trip is one my son and I are sure to never forget. So the next time opportunity knocks – open the door and let the fish flow in one after another.


May 7th, 2012 by sheldon