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Mustad Slow Death Hooks

This is a very hot technique that has been a tournament staple over the years for many pro anglers. It was a hot technique I used in Dryden during the PWT Super Pro event with GULP! Alive. View the video below by Chase Parsons from The Next Bite



September 17th, 2008 by sheldon
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PWT at the Soo

Day one started off with clear sky and light winds, by mid day I was fishing in 2 to 4 footers. Boated only four fish after working my spots and noticed many of the top 10 anglers working the same section of water. After day 1 I am in 31st place with a weight of 11.42lbs.

On day two my pattern from practice started to fall apart with light winds and heavy boat traffic in a small area of Lake George. I was running small gold yo-zuri crank baits 30 feet behind inline boards just over the top of weeds. Every couple of minutes you would have to clear weeds from the fouled baits. After a couple of hours with no action I ran to a send spot to hunt down some more walleye. After working a deep weed-line we managed to land 1 walleye and at the end of the day only had 4.5 lbs to show for all the hard work.

On day three we had a 45 minute delay with heavy fog and this was my day to return early as I was in flight 2. So I knew I had to be back by 3:45 and the day was going to go by quickly. I asked my co-angler what position he was in and he mentioned near the bottom of the standings. So i mentioned to him we where going to run around and look for big fish as i figured I needed somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds to cash a cheque. After trying bottom bouncing slow death, spinners, trolling cranks and spinners in many locations the day was a bust with no walleye bites. Well this is what happens when you swing for the fence – all glory or a big ol’ zero for the day. 

It was a great tourney to fish and the accommodations at the casino where great, I am going to miss fishing the PWT in 2009. It was a great circuit that will be truly missed by many walleye anglers and fans of the sport.

September 14th, 2008 by sheldon

Heading to the Soo

PWTNext tournament is the PWT in the Soo. It is going to be fun as it offers every type of water that may hold walleye. I will be updating my blog while I travel, pre-fish and during the tourney. Below is a description of the tourney from the PWT site. You can follow the action at WalleyeFIRST by going here.

PWT Optima/Berkley Pro-Am September 11-13, 2008 • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Pick a spot and catch a fish: Main shipping channels, rivers, lakes, back bays, weed beds, rocky structure, current breaks, bridges all come into play on the St. Mary’s River. Pros have a knack for showing their daily amateur/co-angler partners even more spots and methods than they ever imagined.

September 5th, 2008 by sheldon