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On the hook

I thought it would be a important to show how much work is involved in rigging a boat when it arrives at the dealer.  Here are some pictures of my 250 XS hanging on the hoist as a Mercury technician is about to add the hydraulic jack-plate. Also in the images you can see all the extra parts that need to be rigged by the dealer, like the kicker, battery chargers, electronics, hydraulic steering etc. Next step is getting the boat out on the water for the water test and go over the final rigging of my rod holders air-ride suspension seats and add the Lowrance big screen electronics.


May 28th, 2008 by sheldon
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Fin-tech shirt design

I arrived home tonight to a great package in the mail, my Team Fin-tech tournament shirt. The design for the 2008 season looks great and once again it is a Gemini Sports Marketing G2 XDS shirt.

May 26th, 2008 by sheldon
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Lindsay Angler Young Angler

What a great weekend as i got to fish a walleye tourney with my six year old son. The weather was great on Sunday we had a very fun day out on the water. I let my son control the boat all day and he did a great job on the bow trolling motor and kept us on structure. If you ever get a chance to fish one of these tournaments – just do it. You will never forget the memories.

I would like to thank Chris Hockley, the organizers, volunteers and all the sponsor for holding this event in Southern Ontario and I hope to see them all again next season.

May 24th, 2008 by sheldon

Tundra 21 Arrival

My 2008 Tundra 21 has arrived and is in the process of being rigged for the tourney season. I will try to take pictures during the rigging process and also cover a few of the things I like to have done to the boat for tournament fishing. I have included a couple of pictures of the boat when it first arrived in the yard at George’s Marine & Sports.

May 22nd, 2008 by sheldon
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ezleo tourney shirt

After talking with Chase Parsons this past winter in Toronto and seeing his XDS Series shirt done by GEMINI Sports Marketing, I knew I had to design one for ezelo and get it ordered for the 2008 season. Gord and I ordered team shirts and mine arrived tonight, so I had to take some photos to place up here on the blog. Also if you click on any image thumbnail it will open a larger image for viewing. These shirts are very light and easy to take care of when out on the road fishing tournaments. The embroidery shirts will be something of the past now that shirts can be printed with a dye sublimated process.

May 13th, 2008 by sheldon
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Tourney one in the books

The first tournament of the year is over and it was great to get out on the water and work out some tournament strategies. On Saturday May 10th Gord and I fished a section on the St. :Lawrence River adjacent to the city of Cornwall Ontario, this was Gord’s and I first time fishing this section of the river and after studying maps and talking to a few local informers we had a plan to fish the flow below the Power Dam. With the clear water conditions on the river we figured the morning bite would be key and after blast we made the run to the dam. I got the first rod out to pole line troll and it had a fish on right away. The walleye was placed in the live well and we work the area for a few more hours with no luck. After watching the other boats not pulling any fish we decided to make a run to another drift on the river. We arrived at our spot and it was full of Perch anglers anchored, so we decided to make a run to some dirty water that may hold some active midday fish. Gord punched down the 175 optiMax and we ran down river at 55 mph to the Raisin River. The 18 mile run went quick and we set up in the first deep hole to troll up river. The only thing taking baits on this day was out of season small mouth and large mouth bass. Once we spent some time trying many different baits we decided to head back towards Cornwall for the last few hours of the tourney.  Work a section of the river near the Marina 200 only to mark nothing – as a last ditch effort we made one final run to the Dam to give another go only to find out the boats that fished the dam all day had no fish to show for their effort. We packed up with 10 minutes to go and made the run to the weigh-in at Marina 200. 

We did not get skunked and we had a good day on the water, the winning team managed 24 lbs for 3 fish so we have lots of home work for next season. Luc puts on a great tournament every spring in Cornwall, so if you get a chance next spring head out and fish this tourney.

Until the next report…

May 12th, 2008 by sheldon

The Journey

The JourneyToday my TUNDRA 21 was loaded up on a transport trailer and is making the 1300 mile trip from the Tracker Boat factory in Springfield, MO. It is a very interesting road trip and the boat is going to travel past some great fishing locations. 

May 5th, 2008 by sheldon
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Walking on air

Launched at the air wing ramp in Cornwall this morning in a solid drizzle of rain. If you ever fish this section of the river this is one great launch. Gord and I made a run down river to check spots for next weekends tourney. In two days of fishing this section of the St. Lawrence we only seen two boats fishing. Got the boat back on the trailer and stopped at timmies for some warm chilli.

May 4th, 2008 by sheldon

Start of the season

Decided to fish a section of the St. Lawrence about 18 miles East of Cornwall. Gord and I got the boat launched and the worked the area. Water surface= temp was 54 F and we had a good day out on the water even with the strong =east wind. Had a visit from the MNR and he checked over the boat and made s=ure we had out fishing license.After a long day on the water we headed back to our room at the Long Sault Motel to drop off the boat and then headed out to Grummpys the local hot s=pot for wings and NHL playoff hockey.

May 3rd, 2008 by sheldon

What a response!

I asked on a few websites I visit if anglers would be interested in updates this summer while I travel and fish for walleye. I had a huge response of well over 200 people asking to be put on a mail list, therefore to keep things simple and up-to-date by the minute I am going to post to this blog on my travels. You will find all the information under the category ‘FROM THE ROAD’ . Another neat feature of the remote posting is I can attach an image taken with my cell phone. :)


May 1st, 2008 by sheldon
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