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Quinte Walleye Open


Hit the water for the weekend with good friend and Woodoo Custom business partner Ben Woo along with our guest – Chis Hockley who happens to be the Canadian Marketing Manager for Pure Fishing. We got to test out and try a bunch of new baits coming out in 2012 – a few highlights are the Berkley Flicker Rigs, Berkley Gulp! Hollow Killer Crawlers and the 9cm Flicker Shads in some exciting new colours.
We targeted weed line walleye and managed to site fish some absolute tanks crushing in and along the weeds.

Next up is the AIM Can-Am tourney in Brimley MI. I am packing up now and have lots to pack as I have no idea what those finicky Brimley walleye will want!
I will blog daily reports and updates, along with some video reports.


May 22nd, 2012 by sheldon

Fishing Icon

It is always great when you get to spend a day on the water with an icon in canadian fishing. In the fall of 2010 I got to fish with Bob Izumi and guide him and his crew around the Bay of Quinte. Working with some other guides leading up to Real Fishing TV arriving we stumbled across this bite where the walleyes where pushing bait to the surface and the gulls would swoop down and pluck them off. So all we had to do was keep baits up high and follow the feeding birds.
Bob was very humorous as always and as I navigated his Lund boat around to stall boards, we noticed a great weight pulling back a planer board. FISH-ON! We shuffled around in the boat so Bob could grab the rod and fight the in-line planer board and then the fish into the boat. I scooped the fish into the net and knew right away it was a nice fish, Bob was excited and went straight for the scale – the next words was music to my ears “that is the biggest walleye I have ever caught 13.5 pounds.” High-fives all around a few pictures and then the beast went back for the next lucky angler.
What a great way to spend a fall day on the water – big fish, personal bests and great chatter!

March 22nd, 2012 by sheldon

Fall Lead Core Cranking

Well the bite has been tough this fall on Bay of Quinte.

But, over the past week I have managed to figure out a lead core bite with small cranks. The trick to this technique is to run up shallow on the shoals with a little speed so the lead core lifts the bait up off the bottom, due to the resistance of the line running through the water. Once you move out into the deeper water you slow down the troll and the bait will begin to drop. The Bait of choice has been the 7cm Black and Silver Berkley Flicker Shad.

November 15th, 2011 by sheldon

Fall Walleye Time (again)

Well it is that time of the year again when the fall walleye start to migrate int the Bay of Quinte. I have been booked up solid with guided trips and the bite has been steady with the second and third week of October producing the highest number of catches, just like years past. During the last week of the month the fish have started to slow down as they transition and push up into their spots for wintering in the bay proper.

This is the time to get out on the Bay for the larger fish, but not as many numbers as the summer or late fall, the good news is the big ones like to bite in November.

So far it has been trolling planer boards with cranks to entice old marble eyes into the net. The best areas have been East of the Glenora Ferry in the deeper water as the fish continue their migration towards shallow waters. In the next few weeks the bite will begin to change and the fish will start to slow down for the cool winter months.

If you are looking to get out this fall for a guided trip call soon as all the spots are almost gone.

Til’ the next report – Fish On!

October 31st, 2011 by sheldon

Big Lake, Big Walleye


The bite out on Lake Ontario has been very good the past few weeks. The bite was fast a furious during August, but is starting to slow down as the temperatures drop. I have spent some time hunting down new areas and the work has paid-off as a few trophy walleye made it into the boat for a few photos.

Lots of walleye in the 7 plus pound range are being caught while trolling crank-baits, spoons and spinner rigs and the trolling speed seems to change on a daily basis.

The walleye are slowly migrating towards the Bay of Quinte and it looks like another good fall season is just around the corner.

September 16th, 2011 by sheldon

Mississippi Mud


Here is a client with his first ever Mississippi walleye!

What a summer it has been on Mississippi Lake, limits come quick and fast in only the first few minutes of trolling. The walleye are crushing the Berkley Flicker Shads as they are trolled along behind off shore inline planer boards, rigged with tattle kits. The past 10 trips have all been crazy with many personal bests and a few big walleye in the 25 to 27 inch range. The walleye are scattered all over the mud flats and seem to be suspended high in the water column as a majority of all the bait fish are cruising the same areas.

The real trick has been trolling the baits into the 3mph range and then stalling the baits by turning into the in-line planer boards causing a big pause. Any flicker shad with white on the belly has been good the past couple of weeks, with the gold baits doing well on the overcast days.
The casting bite along the weed lines and mid lake humps has slowed down and a few walleye are still taking the slow death rigs along the steep breaks – but the trolling bite over the mud flats has been king.

So don’t be afraid to put on your roller skates and give the trolling bite a try, as the walleye sure seem to like chasing down those cranks this summer!

August 17th, 2011 by sheldon

Spring to Summer

The walleye have slowly started moving out on the flats and so far they have been taking spinners and slow-death behind bottom bouncers. The weed-lines have been slow this past week, but should produce once we get a few weeks of warm weather, which should push some bait back into the weeds.


June 22nd, 2011 by sheldon

Casting is King

Another victim of casting Cranks

The casting bite in the back bays of Eastern Lake Ontario is picking up with many nice trophy walleye and some real killer Northern Pike.

The technique the past few weeks has been covering water looking for new weed growth and warm surface temperatures. Hunting around back-bays and looking for weeds can take a long time so be prepared to spend a few days dissecting water.

Once you find the right weed and shoreline you cast the cranks along the outside edge of the weeds and if any walleye or pike are home you will find out quickly. The best cranks so far have been small profile shad baits and the Berkley Flicker Shad has landed some real nice walleye.

If you are looking to book a trip with Ezelo Angling Adventures for this fun shore and weed-line bite do it quickly as the window is limited before the big walleye start to head out to deeper water and chase down suspended bait-fish.

So get out the sun screen and head out on those hot sunny days and look for afternoon fish along the shore and weed-lines where the surface temp is nice and warm.



June 6th, 2011 by sheldon

Wet Walleye Opener

Wet spring walleye tricked by a crank-bait

Lots of rain for the walleye opener on my home lake – Mississippi Lake. Glad I always do a spring check on all the electrical pumps and etc. on my boat before it ever hits that water as the bilge pumps got a real workout. I decided to head out for a couple of hours with ORWL members John and Suzette to see if we could find some walleye. I went to a point next to a spawning location and worked the first break-line. We had slow-death and spinners on behind bottom bouncers. After a couple of slow (0.9 mph) passes I noticed a few high suspended marks on my sonar, so we switched out to trolling small cranks and spinners with a 1/2oz inline weight. Picked up our speed to about 1.7mph, and then a flag went back on the planer board and we landed our first walleye. We spent the next hour working the area and managed a few more walleye and then called it a day.

It was a great opener and now my rain gear is all ready for another season of chasing walleye!


May 14th, 2011 by sheldon

Fall Update – Mission Walleye

Another nice Quinte walleye

Last Friday I decided to head down to Quinte to work out a pattern for the fall run. Every year it seems a little different and this year is no exception. John and I arrived around 1pm and decided to launch out of Adolphus campground so we would be protected from the north winds. We headed about a mile east of the bat cave and darted hunting, after a few passes we noticed the odd high mark. We put out some reef runners 65 and 80 feet back … And bingo fish on.

Well Saturday the plan was to head shallow and see if we could find well east of the ferry and try to locate a bunch of walleye hunting for bait. The plan paid off as we never marked a fish but landed many walleye with 2 doubles and a triple.
The bite was still going strong when we got a distress call from one of the QWL guys. We packed up at 3:30 to go assist with a tow! I have had guys in my chute before… But yeesh!

Sunday seen high winds again with heavy rain. Headed out with Terry and Cyber from the ORWL, as added crew members but only managed one fish in the boat… Just shy of 10 pounds. We marked to much bait and fish arches so the catch rate sucked!

So the pattern this season seems to be … Find no marks or bait – catch walleye! This has worked all summer and seems to be holding this fall. You need to study maps and look for areas that will hold fish, then set up a good mix of depths because you will not have sonar marks to go on.


October 29th, 2010 by sheldon