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AIM Can-Am Day One Pre-fish Report

Here is a day one pre-fish video update from the Can-Am.

May 26th, 2012 by sheldon

FlickerShad Limits and Cashes Out

Berkley FlickerShad landed over 40 pounds of walleye in two tournaments. It all started on the Bay of Quinte with a tournament win and big fish prize while casting along weed-lines. The excellent action and pitch of the rattles in the FlickerShad had the walleye smashing the bait. Gord Schultz and I worked the shads in practice and it out fished all our other crank-baits. On tournament day we had our limit in the live-well only after a few casts each and moved around upgrading to larger fish all day, allowing us to bring in a winning weight of 18.65 pounds. The big fish for the tournament was landed on the Flicker Shad and tipped the scales at 8.05 pounds.

Right after the QFS tournament on Bay of Quinte we headed 8 hours north to fish the NOPWT Mattagami walleye tournament. The practice started out casting jigs tipped with gulp alive along the steep sand banks caused by the low water levels. When trying to get some bigger bites we noticed the walleye once again preferred the FlickerShad and smashed it at a fast retrieve speed. On day one of the tournament we landed a limit of just over 10 pounds to place us in 27th place out of 124 teams. On day two knowing the walleye would be a little spooked from fishing pressure we casted along mud lines to land another limit of walleye with the 5th biggest bag of the day at 11.64 pounds. This moved us up 19 positions to eighth place and allowed us to cash another cheque.

So in only three days of tournament fishing the FlickerShad landed over 40 pounds of walleye and cashed in on almost $6000 of prizes and money. Once again this crank-bait did not disappoint and I am sure Gord and I will be casting these a little more often after a great week of fishing.

June 7th, 2010 by sheldon

Perth/Smith Falls Duo take Opening Tournament of 2010

18.65 Pounds - First place winning bag QFS Bay of Quinte walleye tournament.

The opening tournament of the Quinte Fishing Series 2010 season took place at the George St. ramps in Belleville on Sunday, May 30th with the only walleye event of the season. 50 teams were registered for the event which started with calm winds and waters at the 7:00 a.m. blast-off time. Anglers fished from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and were allowed to bring in their best four (4) walleye caught during the day.

Early on, the leading weight hovered at just over the 13 lb. mark and tournament officials thought that this might hold up. This was not the case though as two thirds of the way into the weigh-in, Sheldon Hatch from Perth and partner, Gord Schultz of Smith Falls, took a commanding lead and it was never challenged. With a great four fish weight of 18.65 lbs, they blew the rest of the field away by three pounds! For their win, Hatch and Schultz took home a cheque for $3,000.00 plus two gift bags compliments of Mark’s Work Warehouse and a $50.00 Gift Certificate from Kelsey’s/Montana’s, Belleville. These two anglers, who only fish the walleye circuits in both Canada and the northern U.S., also had the “big fish” of the day. Their walleye of 8.05 lbs. earned them the Canadian Tire “Big Fish” Award which included two $75.00 gift cards compliments of Canadian Tire – Belleville and the “pool” money of $960.00 cash! Our thanks to the McCullough’s at Canadian Tire for taking on the Big Fish Prize for 2010.

May 31st, 2010 by sheldon

Tourney Time

Boat is ready to go

Tournament time is here again and I have been very busy pre-fishing. Spent lots of time on Bay of Quinte and have dialed in a pretty good Pattern that should hold for a few weeks.
Spring is a great time to hunt for walleye as they can be found in all sorts of locations and you get to use every technique from vertical jigging to trolling with offshore planer boards. So far this spring I have taken walleye on all sorts of techniques, but bottom bouncing spinners and crawlers has been the top producer.

Looking forward to the first tourney this weekend out of Deseronto. Well time to get back into the swing of things – Tourney Time.

Fish On.

May 13th, 2010 by sheldon

Team Canada Wins

Team CanadaWhat a great finish on day three for team Canada as we managed the big upset in winning the PWT Can-Am tournament.
The fishing was different than any tourney I have ever done as you had to work areas and hope for a couple of big bites as you could only weigh two fish over 18 inches. One day you would pull a 25 inch walleye in the area and then the next not get a single bite nor mark any fish in the area. The pattern I worked out in practice was pulling 3 inch Berkley Gulp Frys on red slow death hooks behind 1 ounce Fin-Tech Tech Stiks and bouncers. I worked flats next to deep water that had wind blowing onto the location.

Presently in Thunder Bay and making the tow to Sudbury. I will add some more information as we travel home. I would like to congradulate all of team Canada and Captian John Butts for the outstanding win.

August 16th, 2008 by sheldon

Day Two PWT Can-Am

On the second day the plan was to run and gun looking for big fish, but one of my spots was producing good fish in the 17 to 18″ mark and also produced a nice 26″ fish during practice. With all the fish in the  area I sat still most of the day and worked my way through 40 or 50 fish to get a bag just over 8 pounds with another day of no big bites. It is interesting fishing a team event as you have to think about your limit and the effects on team Canada’s total weight before swinging for the fence. At the end of the day before the run in I went to start the boat and the cranking battery was dead. After a scramnble to bost the starting battery from the trolling bank I made a mad dash into the weight-in to make it in with seconds to spare.

Canada still has a small lead of the USA and lets see what day three brings the anglers.

August 14th, 2008 by sheldon

Day One PWT Can-Am

It was a very tough fish on day one with a change in the weather and brisk East Wind in the morning. Most of my spots produced today, but no big fish wanted to bite. I am in the middle of the pack after day one and need to get a kicker fish tomorrow to help improve my placing.

Team Canada is presently in 1st with 215.72lbs and Team USA has 193.16lbs. It is a three day tournament and a lot can change very quickly.


August 13th, 2008 by sheldon

Working out a bite

Lots of fish to be caught on the lake but the bite has been mostly smaller fish that are in the system. I have a very limited internet connection and no cell phone service, so I will do updates when I get a chance during the tournament. Last night at the arena in town they had all the pro boats on display and people from the community got to meet the pros and talk about the tournament.

Tonight is the rules meeting and a dinner at the arena and I also get to meet my armature partners for the tournament. The weather looks pretty stable for the tournament with no major changes, so hopefully the practice pattern will hold for all three days. One thing about this lake is the fish move quickly as a spot one day will produce a fish or two and then the next nothing. Lots of boats will be running around during the next three days.


August 12th, 2008 by sheldon

Tourney one in the books

The first tournament of the year is over and it was great to get out on the water and work out some tournament strategies. On Saturday May 10th Gord and I fished a section on the St. :Lawrence River adjacent to the city of Cornwall Ontario, this was Gord’s and I first time fishing this section of the river and after studying maps and talking to a few local informers we had a plan to fish the flow below the Power Dam. With the clear water conditions on the river we figured the morning bite would be key and after blast we made the run to the dam. I got the first rod out to pole line troll and it had a fish on right away. The walleye was placed in the live well and we work the area for a few more hours with no luck. After watching the other boats not pulling any fish we decided to make a run to another drift on the river. We arrived at our spot and it was full of Perch anglers anchored, so we decided to make a run to some dirty water that may hold some active midday fish. Gord punched down the 175 optiMax and we ran down river at 55 mph to the Raisin River. The 18 mile run went quick and we set up in the first deep hole to troll up river. The only thing taking baits on this day was out of season small mouth and large mouth bass. Once we spent some time trying many different baits we decided to head back towards Cornwall for the last few hours of the tourney.  Work a section of the river near the Marina 200 only to mark nothing – as a last ditch effort we made one final run to the Dam to give another go only to find out the boats that fished the dam all day had no fish to show for their effort. We packed up with 10 minutes to go and made the run to the weigh-in at Marina 200. 

We did not get skunked and we had a good day on the water, the winning team managed 24 lbs for 3 fish so we have lots of home work for next season. Luc puts on a great tournament every spring in Cornwall, so if you get a chance next spring head out and fish this tourney.

Until the next report…

May 12th, 2008 by sheldon